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Men's Services

Nearly every service we offer is suitable for both men & women. Here are some of our favorite treatments for men, but don’t feel limited to the services listed here. After all, everyone could use some pampering.

Elemental Nature Massage

30 mins: $50
60 mins: $75
90 mins: $105

Balance your inner elements through a customized massage. This treatment is tailored to your body needs and may use a variety of massage techniques including but not limited to Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Acupressure.

Elemental Nature Facial

30 mins: $45
60 mins: $85
90 mins: $100

A customized facial based on your skin’s specific needs, as revealed by Aveda’s signature Elemental Nature Consultation. From dry and dehydrated to sensitive to oily and congested skin, a truly personalized treatment for the skin.

The Gentleman's Pedicure

~45 mins: $40

Energize tired and dry feet with a warm aroma bath. An exfoliation will buff away dry skin and promotes increased circulation.

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